Simply Safer Foundation

The Mission of the Simply Safer Foundation is to help improve the lives of the people in our community. We plan to achieve this by providing our organic lawn care (fertilizing, weed control, insect control) and seeding services to common areas (parks, athletic fields, and municipal lawns), church grounds, and to other non-profit organizations (such as Habitat for Humanity and GreenCare for Troops).

The first target of our foundation, the common areas, will serve to beautify the community which will benefit all who live there. We will also improve the condition of the turf that children play sports on and to do so in a way that eliminates chemical use and thus the potentially toxic exposure to our children and environment. When the turf is in better condition it is also safer for children to play on in the event that they fall.

The second target of our foundation, church grounds, will serve to beautify visible turf areas that are significant to the community spiritually. Many churches here in New England are beautiful structures in and of themselves, but when the lawn is in disrepair it can take away from the feeling of awe that can be felt by many just passing by the house of worship. We are non-denominational and recognize the benefit that many different faiths provide the community. Our aim is to improve the community by subtly making it's people feel better about the places of spiritual significance in it.

The third target of our foundation we intend support other non-profit organizations that can benefit from our services. We plan to care for and improve lawns of community members currently serving our nation in the armed services by participating in "GreenCare for Troops". We also hope to help Habitat for Humanity and possibly other groups brought to our attention.

These activities will require funding to supply raw materials (fertilizers, limestone, grass seed, mulch, compost, topsoil, ect.), to rent and purchase equipment (trucks, trailers, hydroseeders, spreaders, topdressers, ect.), to lease or buy office and storage/maintenance space to operate out of, and to hire and pay employees.

We will operate as a public charity and seek to acquire donations of time, materials, and monetary funding. We will seek this monetary funding from several channels such as private citizen donations, local and national businesses, and foundation and government grants.


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