Hydroseeding is the Best Solution for Winter-Damaged Lawns

Spring is always welcomed happily when it arrives but, unfortunately, that joy is frequently dimmed when winter lawn damage is revealed. Voles and moles tunnel through snow and feed on the grass and roots beneath. Fungal diseases like snow mold grow under the snow and kill the grass. Crown hydration, when plant cells rupture due to extreme temperature fluctuations, is common. Even the products used to eliminate ice from driveways and paths can contribute to the destruction.

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Repairing a patchy lawn is time-consuming and expensive. When the seeds are destroyed or do not grow properly, it is even more frustrating. It is important to choose a method that will be effective, reliable, and work quickly. All of this possible when people choose a slurry mix of mulch and seeds known as hydroseeding. This method combines mulch, seed, and fertilizer in one effective slurry to reduce the time it takes to cover the yard. There are also many other benefits of hydroseeding.

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  • The seeds do not blow away or get eaten by birds or rodents the way they often do with hand seeding.
  • Hay, used as a ground cover when hand seeding, can actually spread the hay’s seeds and damage the quality of the yard. Hay also blows away and requires the homeowner to keep adding more to keep the seeds protected.
  • An environmentally safe dye is mixed with the slurry. This coats the yard with a noticeable tint as the mixture is applied so it is easy to ensure the entire area is fully covered with a consist quantity of seed.
  • The hydroseed speeds up germination and helps the seeded lawn come in thicker.
  • A variety of seed types can easily be applied to the yard for a more appealing look or better durability in challenging growth areas.
  • It is the most affordable option. It is typically half the cost of installing sod and requires less labor and aftercare than hand seeding.
  • It is completed in a fraction of the time of seeding by hand or using sod.
  • It holds moisture easier and germinates faster.

The fast growth rate of the seeds during hydroseeding prevents the loss of new grass when it is the most delicate. It is also a benefit to homeowners because it means less time is spent watering the new seeds.

Homeowners that have suffered from a patchy lawn after hand seeding will appreciate the woven grass that grows after this method is used. The roots are typically deeper than hand-seeded lawns and this coupled with the ability of the grass to hold moisture allows the grass to grow thicker and greener. It will also be less vulnerable to damage over the following winter.

The slurry bonds with the soil once it is applied, so it is not vulnerable to erosion. This makes it perfect for sloped yards and steep hills where runoff is a concern. Pets and children can play in the yard after application because the dye and the slurry mix are earth-friendly and completely non-toxic. It is the affordable, fast, and reliable solution every homeowner needs.