Take Control: Go Green With Organic Lawn Care

safe organic lawn care for children

With the increasing emphasis currently placed on going green, one area people continue to have issues with is lawn care. While homeowners have made great strides in reducing the amount of waste generated, the majority of people lack the necessary knowledge or ability to kick the pesticide and herbicide habits we grew up with. At Simply Safer Premium Lawn Care, we’ve developed strategies to keep lawns beautiful while, at the same time, practicing environmentally-sound practices. Our team introduces area clients to organic lawn care and explain how it works.

A Little History

Green lawns have been virtually worshiped in this country for many years, with homeowners spending an inordinate amount of time and money in achieving that perfect carpet of grass. Pesticides and herbicides are mainstays of that obsession, with products sold throughout the country to eliminate a wide assortment of pests and weeds. As we’ve done with agriculture, the nation’s homeowners also tend to prefer a minimum number of grass varieties even though those varieties may not be the best options for specific regions and conditions.

As we’re learning more about the downsides of the chemicals used for lawns, there has been a concerted push to reduce their use and find alternatives that will still produce great looking lawns without the dangers to our families and pets. Indeed, there are products that are far easier on both residents and the environment, but their availability and the knowledge of application strategies are not yet widespread.

Start With the Basics

While Kentucky Bluegrass continues to be widely used throughout the nation, it generally makes sense to consider grass varieties well-adapted to the region’s weather patterns and available water supplies. We work with clients to determine which grasses will deliver the look and feel homeowners want without requiring the level of maintenance some varieties commonly used demand.

That doesn’t mean we’ll recommend ripping out established, healthy lawns. Our organic lawn fertilization recommendations will, indeed, keep those lawns green and healthy while also minimizing the threats to beneficial insects, pets, or children. At Simply Safer, our goal is to achieve the look our clients want but to do so using non-toxic alternatives to the products so commonly sold at area big-box stores.

It Takes Time

The main advantage of those harsh chemicals is that they appear to deliver fast results. In a sense, they do, but that doesn’t mean a lawn treated with harsh chemicals is as healthy as it might, at first glance, appear to be. Organic lawn care produces truly healthy lawns but often take a little more time to see results. We’re not talking years here, so don’t be concerned your lawn would suffer if you made the commitment to a yard that’s green in more than one way.

When we work with clients, we’ll take the time to review the process we recommend and outline the procedures necessary to achieve a “green” lawn using organic strategies. We’ll custom-design a plan to take care of your lawn both now and in the future. If you’re intrigued with the idea of exploring how organic lawn care can benefit your yard and the community, we’re here to help.