Organic Mosquito Control for Your Yard

organic mosquito control

Massachusetts and Rhode Island homeowners typically enjoy the region’s warm-weather months and want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. However, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate, with mosquito infestations common throughout the area. Mosquito bites can make using your yard very unpleasant. In recent years the increases in rates of mosquito-born illnesses, (like EEE, Zika Virus, and West-Nile Virus), have also made them a legitimate health threat. Homeowners have their own set of defenses available to keep mosquitoes at bay and spend more time outdoors. What are those defenses and how can homeowners take advantage of them?

Preventing Mosquitoes From Infesting Your Yard

Pest control experts suggest property owners become familiar with mosquito life cycles when trying to minimize their numbers. Different protocols are commonly recommended to eliminate mosquitoes during their different life stages.

  • Eggs need water to survive, so it’s important to get rid all standing water. Puddles, garden water features, and even children’s wading pools can all host mosquito eggs. However, it’s important to remember that standing water is the enemy. That means water features are fine if the water is kept moving with pumps. If water must stand, empty it and clean the area frequently to avoid allowing eggs to mature and hatch.
  • During the larvae stage, water is also important. Standing water is, again, the enemy. Don’t allow water to sit in any area for too long. There are strategies available to deal with stock watering tanks and ponds, so work closely with experts to define a strategy that will eliminate mosquito larvae on your property.
  • Once mosquitoes reach the adult stage, the most important thing homeowners can do is minimize their ability to hide in tall grass or other plants. Keep grass clipped short and make sure all screens on the home are properly maintained.

Since every yard is somewhat different, it’s a good idea to contact the experts at Simply Safer Lawn Care for advice on how to deal with mosquitoes in a specific area.

Which Types of Mosquito Control are Recommended?

It’s always important to remember that traditional mosquito control methods involve the use of chemicals. While those chemicals are effective, they pose risks to homeowners and pets. That’s why the concept of organic mosquito control has become increasingly popular. If the prevention methods outlined above have proven to be ineffective, contacting a mosquito control expert is certainly recommended.

Simply Safer will make specific recommendations to control the mosquito population around a client’s home. In most cases, an organic mosquito spray will be suggested as a safe and effective strategy. The organic mosquito control spray poses no threat to a home’s occupants or pets when used properly and is formulated to last up to four weeks under ideal circumstances.

What Makes Organic Formulas Safer?

Simply Safer Lawn Care recommends organic mosquito and tick spraying using a formula derived from organic botanical oils. We can explain the specific properties of the spray and why the mixture is far safer than traditional chemical sprays. The yard is safe to be on and the smell is not offensive, it is similar to that of organic bug sprays until it fully dries.

If you’re experiencing problems with mosquitoes or ticks, contact the Simply Safer Lawn Care experts for advice. We’ll gladly recommend a treatment program specifically designed to safely rid your yard of mosquito and tick threats.