Organic Lawn Care Products We Use

For information on the Lawn Care Products we use click on the following links:

  • Fiesta® Organic Broadleaf Weed Control: This late spring application is an organic post-emergent broadleaf (clover, dandelion, etc.) control that helps to knock down adult populations of weeds in the lawn. Many of our Organic Lawn Program customers add this application to the base plan annually.
  • Thermacell® Tick Control Tubes: This remarkable Lyme disease-preventing solution consists of placing small tubes filled with cotton balls. The cotton is treated with the mild insecticide Permethrin. We place the Tick Tubes in areas around your yard where mice frolic.
  • Acelepryn® Insecticide Grub Control: Offers 100% guaranteed results protecting the lawn from grubs and is super safe to use.
  • Safe Lawn Weed & Feed: 100% Organic Corn Gluten Meal turfgrass fertilizer.
  • Bifenthrin Tick and Mosquito Insecticide: a very effective product and will kill virtually all of the ticks on your property. You will need to remain off of the area for 24 hours to allow it to dry, after which time your yard is safe for your family and your pets to enjoy.
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w/ Purchase of 6 Step Program

Tick & Mosquito

w/ Purchase of 6 Step Program