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Below are some commonly asked questions and corresponding answers. They should be considered as general information and may not apply to all situations. If you have a question about a specific problem you have had with your lawn, please call our office and we will get you in contact with a specialist. We'll be more than happy to discuss possible solutions specifically designed to address your situation.

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What is a pre-emergent application?

Within our Organic-Based (traditional) fertilization program, we apply pre-emergent herbicides in the early and late spring while soil temperatures are ideal in order to help prevent crabgrass and certain broadleaf weeds before they begin growing. Within our 100% Organic Fertilization Program, we apply Corn Gluten Meal in the early spring stage. This product has shown some crabgrass and weed preventative properties and is very high in naturally occurring nitrogen, which greens up the lawn providing gorgeous color.

I want to plant new grass seed this spring. Can I plant seeds after this treatment, but before the crabgrass begins to grow?

We recommend against this practice. The pre-emergent products work by reducing germination rates in areas it has been applied. Unfortunately, it prevents germination of any desired turfgrass seeds as well as the weeds seeds we are targeting. It is generally better to wait until the fall to plant new grass seed after a pre-emergent application has been put down. However, in the case of a lawn renovation there will likely be some exceptions. Please call our office to discuss your situation.

What is slow release fertilizer and what are the advantages of using it over other lawn fertilizers?

Slow release fertilizers have encapsulated prills (kernels) that break down and release their nutrients over a specific, longer period of time. This ensures that your lawn gets the necessary nutrients at a measured rate, without getting too much or too little at a time. This slow, steady feeding method results in a greener, stronger, healthier turfgrass plant which is more naturally resistant to pests and disease.

What is a "lime" treatment and what will it do for me?

Lime, short for Limestone, which is a naturally occurring compound of Calcium and Magnesium that can be applied to the lawn to help balance the soil's pH. Having a balanced pH makes the soil more conducive for turf grasses to thrive. Lime naturally helps control the acidity in topsoil. To get the full benefit of readily available food to your lawn, the topsoil must have the optimum pH level. If the pH level is too low, the soil is not able to break down the nutrients in the soil and makes it more difficult for turfgrass to absorb those nutrients. Some soils may require more than one treatment per season. Our specialists will be able to give you an accurate assessment of your soil's condition.

There is a wide range of quality available when choosing a lime product for our arsenal, and we pride ourselves on using only the best. That’s why we have partnered many years ago with SoluCal, a company that goes to great lengths in the manufacturing process to produce the best product available.

What are grubs and why should I worry about them?

Grubs are actually the larval stage of a variety of different kinds of beetles, including May and June bugs and voracious Japanese beetles. Adult beetles lay their eggs in the soil in mid to late summer. As the eggs hatch, they develop into the white-wormish looking larvae. As the larvae grow, they work their way down to the root zone of your lawn where they eat the roots. Usually in early fall you'll suddenly notice dead patches of lawn start showing up in your lawn if you have grubs. By this time, it is too late to effectively treat for them and they will begin the process again. Grub control is largely a matter of timing so that they can be controlled in their early stages of development and before they go deep into the soil and go dormant for the winter. At Simply Safer Premium Lawn Care, we apply a preventative grub treatment with Acelepryn, providing you with guaranteed season-long control while using a very safe product.

In our Organic Fertilization Program, we use beneficial bacteria, as an addition to a compost tea application in the late summer/early fall stage. We apply these beneficials to the lawn at the ideal time, providing the opportunity to establish themselves in the soil and attack harmful grubs and sod webworms populations before they cause extensive damage to your lawn.

If you have a question about your lawn or landscape, please call our office or contact us for a free estimate and one of our technicians will stop by to give you a free, no-obligation evaluation of your lawn and how it could be improved with a Simply Safer Premium Lawn Care customized program.

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