Keeping Safe During the Coronavirus Period

We are closely monitoring the latest developments on the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the impacts that it is having on all of our lives, communities, and businesses. The health and safety of our customers' families, our employees, and our communities are our primary concern. Simply Safer will continue to cooperate with the efforts to contain the virus.

We have been on quarantine at home like most of you. We also understand that there is a real need for us to provide important services, especially tick control. Customer concerns for Lyme's Disease prevention, while your children are home for this extended time, has urged us to begin services. The mild-winter led to very large tick populations surviving the winter. Now many of you, our customers' and your families, are home and in your yards for an extended period of time. Safety from Lyme's is a major concern.

As we prepare to begin performing our services for the spring, we have implemented very strict protocols which will ensure safety:

  • Our office staff will perform many duties from home. When they are in the office, they will be in their individual offices with doors closed. The offices will be sanitized twice daily. Gloves will be used handling any printed materials, such as invoices.
  • Our field staff, that is brought back, will be isolated from each other.
    • Start times will be staggered to avoid contact between employees.
    • Only one employee will be allowed in a truck. Effectively maintaining their quarantine. Truck cabs will be disinfected, nightly.
    • Only our experienced applicators will be providing services, no trainees at this time.
    • Customers will be notified and receive a Call Ahead the day before their property is to be serviced.
    • Technicians will be instructed not to go into homes or to make contact, like shaking of hands, with any homeowners.
    • An invoice will still be left at your home, in a plastic bag. This is in accordance with state laws. However, a notice will be on the baggie letting you know that if concerned, that the bag and invoice can be disposed of without opening it. All of the information and invoice will be available on our website, and we encourage all of our customers to login to your accounts.

We are confident that our communities will persevere through this difficult time. We thank you wholeheartedly for your support. Local small-businesses like ours depend on it. We are committed to you: our valued customers, friends, neighbors, and communities. Please be safe and be kind to each other. We are at your service, if you need.

-The entire family of Simply Safer Premium Lawn Care staff members

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